Wheel Star Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Chaiseri Defence (M) Sdn Bhd) WSSB, was the holding company was incorporated in May 2013. The company originally focused on its outstanding capabilities in providing automotive area such as maintenance, repair and overhaul, supply and services, privately owned and run by Chairman, Datin Sri Zulina Binti Hj Kasmuri who has in excess of more than 15 years experience within the Automotive industry.

WSSB is organized by primary business group; Commercial Division which provides Corporate Sales, Repair and Services, Parts, Engine System, Accessories, Integrated Fleet Management System, Insurance, Diagnostic, and Painting.

The nature business of WSSB is Multi-brand Vehicle supply, Parts and Tire supply, Electric and Electronic, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO), painting and body repairing.


While everyone in the business world today understand the importance of getting, improving and challenging, at Wheel Star Sdn Bhd, we also talk about values and how we live by them. These are not just words of an acronym to be remembered, we believe they are critical to doing business well. If we all live by these values, we act as one team to our clients, customers, colleagues, and shareholders.


We believe in accountability. Our customers ask as questions we answer them – full stop. We take ownership from A to Z. We deliver what we say we will, not passing responsibility onto others. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients and our colleagues for the outcome.


We believe in trust. It is a precious commodity in the world today we value it highly. This means we always act with transparency and integrity, demonstrating mutual respect in all relationship. We encourage open and honest feedback. And we expect it in return from our colleagues and our clients.


We wholeheartedly believe in operating competitiveness. We strive daily add value and achieve excellence. We do so by being agile, flexible and pro-active, continuously looking for ways to do things better, faster, cheaper, and stronger.


We believe in innovation. It keeps us sharp, positive, creative, enthusiastic. A cut above the rest. We welcome fresh ideas in inventive solutions. It keep us evolving, seeking to improve and meeting new challenges.


We believe in being of service to clients. Together, we work to understand their businesses. We anticipate their needs and expectations in order to develop mutual long-term partnership. Pro-active, we respond quickly, provide solutions and seek feedback. We foster a can-do attitude and a healthy team spirit.


We believe in social well-being, in taking responsibility to sustainably improve life conditions for the wider community. We respect and support each other as individuals, always aware of the impact of our actions on others. We want to create an environment that allows all of us to reach our potential and objectives.



Quality Support

Our Repair Services offers quality help programs for any vehicles that permit them to consistently.

All Car Makes

Our Repair Services offers quality help programs for any vehicles that permit them to consistently.

Variety Services

Our Repair Services offers quality help programs for any vehicles that permit them to consistently.